Saturday, February 16, 2008

What really happened...

What really happened here, for those who have asked, is that Fertility Friend decided to target anyone that was somehow linked to this blog and shut their account access to FF down. With that, a user of FF contacted me and asked me to shut it down to attempt to gain her access to FF back. She regained her access, and the blog will remain shut down. There's really no reason to continue to find stupid posts on FF to showcase here.

There are other sites that are available should your access leave forever -- Ovusoft, Loungeplace, Mommy Gossip, among others... Difference is those are all free. Fertility Friend is not. Fertility Friend is actually making MONEY off the stupidity. So really paying for FF's service made me a part of the problem. BUT, without the access, I cannot showcase stupid posts, right? So I did not renew and will not renew. Ever.

Now the same is happening to Fertility Friend Drama. Others are being accused and their accounts shut down.

What happened to free speech? I don't know, but personally it became a bit boring to me.

I find it quite humorous after the fact that this one particular site goes as far as to reading your private personal blogs and investigating other sites to try to find out the authors of these blogs... But there is a site for everyone, and some people love Fertility Friend and the things it offers. I say stay there and enjoy... the rest who are tired of it all have other places to go.